Typewriter packing & hipping

Fragile typewriters and careless shipping companies are not exactly a perfect match.
Tips on packing and shipping typewriters can be found here and at Mike Campbell's site.

The way I do it

Herunder is an example of the way I protect the typewriters - mostly desktop models - I sell on eBay. Please keep in mind though that each model comes with its own needs of protection and that my packaging can vary accordingly.

So, here we go sending out a Molle typewriter ...

I secure the moving parts such as the carriage with loose ties
and fill up the type-basket with crumpled newspaper.

I wrap the machine in a plastic bag.

I wrap the machine in bubble wrap and a second plastic layer.

On the bottom of the box I place crumpled newspaper

I cover the crumpled newspaper to prevent the newspaper of 'sinking' down to the bottom of the box, where it should be unprotected.

I put the typewriter on its 'mattress'

I tightly secure the typewriter in the middle by squeezing in plastic bags filled with foam.

I put another sheet on top and then fill up the box with crumpled newspaper
and various cushioning materials.

I tape the box along all of its seams.

I put a large index card with the address AND the phone number of the receiver.
In the opposite corner go my own address and my phone number.

I put a cord around the box to make handling easier
and to keep its content together, should it be damaged heavily.

I mark the package as fragile and which side is up.

I put all my trust in the hands of the shipping company.

Off it goes!


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